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Superbia Boosting:

Superbia 11/11M is back with Legion Boosting! - To ensure you the best possible service, please read the information below.

We are currently boosting:
Antorus, the Burning Throne - Heroic Full Run (Personal Loot) - 400k.
Antorus, the Burning Throne - Heroic Argus Only (Personal Loot) - 150k.

- Other difficulties, raids and achievments will be added as we update or get requests.

Payment is upfront before first boss is pulled, there will be no fee to ensure you to meet up BUT in the case of you not showing up without explanation, your battletag will be blacklisted for future reference.

The scheduled boosting is allways on:
Sundays @ 20:00 - Invites starting 19:45. You are expected to be there 15mins before hand.

On certain bosses you may be asked to go kill yourself, to make the boss easier to boost.
As long as you do not "sabotage" our run, you will get a sweet and smooth service.

If you need more information or are curious about individual boss kills for tiers etc, feel free to contact us ingame or on Alduin#2606.


Use this Google Sheet to sign up:
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