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Submitted on: Nov 15, 2010 at 05:58 PM

Application for Superbia

Race and Class
/played (ingame time)

185 days 14 hours, 439 days total over all my chars

Talents / Glyphs / Equipment / Skills

Raiding spec and Glyphs (link to
What thoughts did you do when you made that spec and choose those glyphs?

First off i didn't choose any glyphs since the glyph slots for mages ain't placed in the right groups. Second i choose these two specs since i dont believe that frost will be viable for raiding plus i've read on EJ that arcane and fire are still ahead. The two specs i linked wont be final as there will most likely be some of the non dmg talents that will need to be changed since some fights might need more survival and some more movement etc so i will be respeccing for whatever is needed.

Primary Professions:

Alchemy and Enchanting, I've had enchanting for my mage since i made it back in vanilla so i just stuck with it since its nice to be able to enchant your own stuff and of course for the bonus +int. I recently changed to Alchemy from Inscription since its pretty much dead after the glyph change so there isn't a lot of money in Inscription any more and no real fun things in it. So Alchemy was the new thing as i'm a collector i wanted the mount in Cata, plus all the new awesome stuff alchemy gets. I might go engineering instead of enchanting as it seems its going to be better than enchanting in cataclysm.

Ingame History

Write a few lines about your gear and why you have our current gear:

I choose my gear as that's the optimal gear setup with the gear i have for my use, i have a few other rings/wands etc but this is the optimal for me. I'm still 1% hit short but im not raiding atm so that's not something i worry about but if i was to be accepted i'm going to get the last percent.

When did you start playing World of Warcraft?

I started playing WoW in the closed US beta, then i moved onto the open EU beta and then the open korean beta. Played the retail game from day 1 and became the 3rd lvl 60 alliance player on the server.

Previous or Current Guild(s):

EU beta/vanilla: The Corporation
vanilla/tbc/wrath: Coalescence, with a little pause from raiding in tbc cause i went to the army.
wrath: Confined and Stelth Kilers

Reason for leaving it/them?

I left The Corporation after some issues in the leadership who didn't want a more hardcore play style like the hardcore players of the guild wanted. So i left with the hardcore players and we formed Coalescence which i stayed in for a long time as you can see. After a lot of the leadership in Coal wanted a more relaxed time in wrath the guild became quite casual so i sought other ways and went to Confined and quickly became a member and later a officer with 100% attendance for more than a year. But as many others i couldn't stand the boring grind farm ICC was so i stopped playing for a month but i just couldn't leave the game. So at the time i started playing again a bit casual though, Confined had a lot of mages so i decided to give horde a try and joined Stelth Kilers which i played in for a few months but i didn't really feel home there and stopped raiding again and went back to Confined as a casual player.

Raiding Experience in WOLTK?

Raided everything there is to raid. Never killed LK HC or Halion HC but i've had hours of attempts on them in Stelth Kilers.

Raiding Experience pre WOTLK?

Cleared all the content in both vanilla and BC. I also cleared sunwell before the great 3.0 nerf.

What are your personal goals ingame?

I strive to be the best of best to both my class and to clear content. Pve is all i care about in WoW, i never did alot of pvp since i find it quite boring. Plus i love the lvling race, got 3rd lvl 60 alliance on daggerspine, first guy in guild who got 70 on kazzak, server first 80 gnome/mage on kazzak and i will be going for server first 85 mage when cata hits.

About You

Your age:


A little about your self and what you do IRL:

Atm i'm working as a mail man which i've been doing for 2 years now, but at the end of this month i'm going to quit as i'm going to start on becoming an electrician. Other than that i love to play wow and i do some fitness training too in the local gym.

Why do you want to join Superbia?

I've been looking for a new guild since Confined decided to stop raiding and not continue in Cata but as mage is the fotm its hard to find a decent guild so i tried to make my own 10 man team for Cata but without success. So i'm looking for a serious guild instead. I've only heard good things about Pythanamus and Hasufer from their time in Confined so i when they decided to rejoin you i thought that you guys must be serious about raiding since they came back :P So i thought why not give it a try :)

Guild members vouching for you (leave empty if none):

What is your motivation to play this game?

The reason i play this game is for the pve part. I found wrath pretty boring pve wise and i only hope that cata will bring some of the good old sunwell "hardness" back, though im not in the beta but as what i've seen its gonna be harder than wrath, plus with cc coming back as a thing you need its already looking good.



Allright... We will have a look.

jeg kan se du har prøvet selv at lave en 10mands guild og håber også det er det du søger. Vi er KUN en 10mands guild og en blandet landhandel som har spillet sammen i snart 5år on off.

Der er ikke mange spots på et 10mands hold og vi har i forvejen 2 virkelig gode mages. Men mon ikke vi med tiden kan få flere 10mands hold afsted.

Jeg vil lige lade denne apply stå til Pythe og Hasu har smidt en comment.

Vi har ikke plads til at give dig et "fast" raidspot lige nu, dog kan vi tilbyde dig et social spot hvorfor du måske kan arbejde dig op igennem rækkerne. Who knows... Hvis du kan acceptere dette så kontakt mig ingame for invite...

Du skulle gerne kunne comment din egen application nu...
Da jeg ikke har hørt noget fra dig, tolker jeg det som om det nok ikke lige var det du søgt.

Held og Lykke med at finde en anden guild.

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