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Submitted on: Jul 14, 2011 at 05:39 PM

Velkommen til Superbia's ansøgningsskema. Vi ønsker dig held og lykke med ansøgningen, og minder dig om at ansøgningen er vores eneste kendskab til dig. Så sørg for at læse den grundigt igennem inden du poster den...

Hvor gammel er du?


Race and Class
Du ansøger som?


Hvad er din raid erfaring, Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK & CATA?

i'v start playing Wow From Tbc Tbh i dnt have any raid exp there :) my acc got hacked then i stop playing wow and i start again 1 months before CATA :) I was in sick and dead Realm tbh too (Ghostlands)
Throne of the four winds : Cleared
BwD : Cleared with 3 hc's too witch's are ( Magmaw , Defence System , Maloriak ) Got Chima to 3% , and atra to 12% too :)
BoT : Cleared + Halfus Hc just :(

Fortæl os om dine roller på et raid

im using google Translate to answer theese questions's it Says [ Fortael us about your roles in a raid
] .. if that means What's my role's in raid's .. Im allways Theeere As Restooo !

Forklar hvorfor du har valgt dine proffessions

Was having Enchantin and Engii .. I Unlearned , going to lvl Alchemy , Jc witch's are Usefull For RShammys

Forklar hvorfor du har valgt dine glyphs

Glyph of Earth Shield ! its Rly usefull for somefights Like baelroc or Shannox ! that i cant aoe heal pretty well , i can but not like Realy good aoe !
Glyph of Water shield ! Using it For my mana Ofc
Glyph Of Riptide ! gives 40% Duration , And the best healing spell of shammys is riptide so thats realy important , Anyway My new Set bonus [ t12] i can gain alot of mana with riptide
Glyph Of Healing Stream totem Witch gives 195 Resis't To all , Thats realy Important too

- Hvis Pet class - Forklar hvilket pet du bruger og hvorfor

No pet here

Har du raidet med andre chars?

No , Just doing BH With Them

Fortæl noget om dig selv, hvad du laver til daglig osv.

Just capping everything with all char's , and !!! Waiting for Raid time Im Just a Patient Guy !

Hvorfor skal vi vælge dig?

I'v Seen Superbia got nice Progres, and recruiting Rshammy , Lets try my self then

Hvorfor har du valgt at ansøge hos os?

As i says I'v seen Superia got Nice Progress ! , This is time to prove my self with my skillz Etc.

Er der ellers noget vi skal vide, så er det nu du skal gøre dig grundig - hvis ikke så slut af med en joke

A man was pulled over for driving too fast, even though he thought he was driving just fine.

Officer: You were speeding.
Man: No, I wasn't.
Officer: Yes, you were. I'm giving you a ticket.
Man: But I wasn't speeding.
Officer: Tell that to the judge! (The officer gives man the ticket.)
Man: Would I get another ticket if I called you a jerk?
Officer: Yes, you would.
Man: What if I just thought that you were?
Officer: I can't give you a ticket for what you think.
Man: Fine, I think you're a jerk!


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Sorry m8, we are a danish guild...
And i think i can remeber a flame but from BH the other day for wanting to be the only Shaman in raid.

GL finding anoher place
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